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Instagram is a great tool to get everyday motivation quickly through picture, movies and messages. These are the 4 accounts I recommend to follow:


Jen Selter has been featured in the New York Post, Elle, and USA Today in recent times due to her really huge popularity on Instagram. With some 1.6 million (and counting) followers, this fitness fanatic is full of positive energy about staying fit and loves hitting the gym and especially her hip is amazing… It gives you motivation to doing all kinds of squats.


You kind find all kinds of crazy training movies on this account. The ideas make you smile. These movies show that fitness is not a “punishment” for having gained weight, but it is something to enjoy!


Inspirational messages coming with gorgeous photography. These photos may motivate you to always keep training for something with a goal in mind.

And of course!

we also have an account! We ‘re trying to take good pictures and upload them to motivate you or give you new ideas. Follow us!


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