sweet potato recommended for staple diet

【”主食にサツマイモ”のすすめ】EN follows

ジャガイモは英語で”potato”、対してサツマイモは”sweet potato”。英名通りでサツマイモは甘いですね。だからサツマイモは減量中は食べないほうがいいって思っていらっしゃいませんか?そんなことないんです!減量中にもオススメな食材なんです!!

■ 血糖値をコントロール、腹持ち抜群!
注目はGI(glycemic index )値。GI値が低いほど、血糖値が上がりにくい=糖質が身体に溜め込まずに長時間エネルギー源として使用され続ける、ということ。減量中ならGI値が60以下の食品を主食とするのがおすすです。サツマイモの方がジャガイモよりもカロリーは高いので不思議な話ですけど、サツマイモは食物繊維が2倍。糖質の吸収が穏やかになるので、ジャガイモより腹持ちがよく、太りにくいとも言えるわけです。GI値が低いと、食後に眠くなる、なんてこともなくなります。
sweet potato JP


■ 満足感が高い!


■ 簡単でおいしい!





According to the name “sweet potato” and because they taste like dessert, you may think better not to have some considering your weight…. No! Sweet potatoes are actually recommended to replace with rice or grain as a staple food when you want to loose weight!


Controlling blood sugar and maintaining energy!
For as sweet as they are, sweet potatoes have a low GI (glycemic index), which means they release sugar slowly into the bloodstream and you will get a steady amount of energy. When you are during a weight control, you should choose food with GI lower than 60. Sweet potatoes have more calories than potatoes, but because of the high amount of dietary fiber, the sugar is consumed slowly and keeps your stomach satisfied for a long period. Which means sweet potatoes are more suitable for slimming than potatoes are. Eating low GI food also prevents becoming dozy after lunch.

sweet potato EN

Sweet potatoes are still carbs, so you need to be sure not to overeat. But you actually cannot. After eating 100g-150g you definitely feel “enough!” Sweet potatoes stimulate the satiety center. Because of their sweet tastes, they also fulfill your appetite towards sweets. In addition, due to the specific ingredient called “Yarapin”, you will be satisfied with your duties after having it.


■ Easy and tasty
Eat the sweet potatoes with thier skin that is rich in nutrition. To do so, wrap and put them into a microwave. That is all what you have to do to steam and enjoy them with any additional calories.


potatoes belong to Solanaceae and they are the canes of the plants.
Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, belong to Convolvulaceae and are the roots of the plants.
That’s why sweet potatoes are richer in nutrition.




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