strive explanation_Fotor一般的なマシンや、フリーウェイトを使ったトレーニングではウェイトの筋肉に対するウェイトの負荷抵抗が最も強くなるのは筋肉を伸ばしたり縮めたりする最中となります。図中の腕の写真を見ていただきたいのですが、これって一番辛い角度・状態ですよね。疲れると続きません。





Health Club Leg Exercises説明するのが非常に難しいのですが試してみるとお分かりいただけるかと思います。私は特にレッグエクステンション(写真)が途中で辛くなって希望のセット数が続けれずにいましたが、STRIVEだとその名の通り”STRIVE”できて、最初本当に感激でした。さすが、良質なトレーニングを提供するGold’s Gymの採用しているマシンです。機会がああればぜひお試しください!



You were planning to have 5 sets of 20 reps, but you are alredy struggling at the 3rd set… What are you going to do in this circumstace?

Reduce to 15 reps? Reduce the weight? Or just give up after the 3rd set?… You won’t be happy with any of those proposals. But don’t worry, just use the machine called “STRIVE”!

With this machine, you can choose the timing of the loead peak, and you will be able to “strive” your whole sets!

Youe muscles movements can be decided in 3: ③Start ①Middle and ②End

Using ordinaly machines or dumbels, barbells, the load will reach the peak at ①middel of the musvements, which is the hardest part. When you get tired, you are not able to continue your training.

Set the machine so that the load peak comes at the ②End of the movement. In this way you will be able to hold up the weight as much as possible without spreading yourself which may harm you. This way of weight training – having the load peak at the end of the movement – is often used for rehabilitations or trainings for elderlies.

If you feel you can do more, set the machine so that the load peak comes at the end(③), trust me, you may say “uh” at the beginning).

By changing the peak load in this way, you are changing the muscle stiulation, which is important to have an effective training.

STRIVE is made at an American fitness eqipment company which was founded in 1989. STRIVE medical version was introduced in discovery channel as one of the most advanced medical development in 1994.

It is difficult to ecplain how effective the STRIVE machines are, but you may know using them. My favorite is the leg extension. I’m so happy being able to achieve my necessary sets using this machine. Of course, at Gold’s Gym, the gym that always provides the best fitness solutions, you can find these machines. Have a try!

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