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a great cafe for trainees: DNS POWER cafe

【トレーニーにおすすめ、DNS POWER カフェ】EN follows

オンとオフははっきりしたいもの。激しいトレーニングも重要だが、たまの休みには外出したい。しかしトーレーニングを頑張っているトレーニーにとって外食は悩みの種。一定のタンパク質量の確保、使用している油・・・気にすることは山ほどある。そんな貴方をサポートしてくれるのが「DNS POWERカフェ」だ。

DNS power plate_Fotor_Collage

「世界一パワーが入るカフェ」を目指しているというDNS POWER カフェは、次のトレーニングへのモチベーションを高めてくれるインテリアにもなっている。是非一度体験していただきたい。


DNS cafe DNS POWER カフェ:
 東京都中野区中野4-10-2 中野セントラルパーク サウス1階
JR中央線 、JR総武線、東京メトロ東西線「中野」駅より徒歩5分

You probably want to have a clear ON and OFF. It is important to do serious training, but you also need to have a day to relax and go out. But as a trainee eating out is not easy. You need to secure a certain amount of protein, care about the oil that is used for cooking… so many things that need to considered! So, try “DNS POWER cafe” that is willing to support people like you.

Choose their recommendation “the power plate”, and you can select your favorite main (chicken breast, roasted beef, steamed pork or smoked salmon), rice and veggies, by controlling their potions. If you are recording your meal, this is really helpful as well.
The cafe is aiming to become “a cafe that gives power more than any other cafe in the world” and its interior is designed to give you motivation for your next training.
I really recommend you to try it once.
Nakano Central Park South 1F, Nakano 4-10-2, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
5mins walk from Nakano station (JR Chuo-line, JR Sobu-line, Tokyo Metro Tozai-line)

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