Mario’s report on bodybuilding competition

【Marioがボディビル選手権大会の様子をご紹介】EN follows

5月2日にドイツのノイウルムで国際ドイツボディビル選手権大会が開催された。ヨーロッパ各国から総勢120名の選手が参加した大規模な大会となった。性別、年齢、体重などで計14部門(クラス)あるうち、自分が参加したのはライトウェイト (70,1 kg 〜 75,0 kg)。ビルダーたちの勇姿、大会の様子を紹介したい。







MARIO8 33333

The International German Bodybuilding Competition was held on May 2nd in New-Ulm, Germany. 120 athletes from all over Europe were gathered. There were provided 14 categories according to sex, age, weight, and I participated at the lightweight (70,1 kg to 75,0 kg). Here I’d like to introduce to you the brave figure of the builders at this competition.

Toned muscles in posing suits:

The bodies of the natural bodybuilders are purely made of effort, guts and patients. They never use drugs. Doping tests are done without pre-announcement both on and off seasons for all athletes regardless category. Athletes attending this competition are proud of having achieved their figure without using drugs, and are ready to be tested anytime.

Painted skins:

To show the description of their muscles on the stage with strong spotlights, their skin should have dark color. But getting too much suntan can cause damage to their skin or can risk cancer. So the athletes are allowed to color their skin with paint. Since the color easily transfers to the clothes, most of athletes wear black cloth on this day.


Builders need to pump up their muscles to show them, so the poses require much more power than expected. Since I’m still weak on my legs, my knees become wobbly after holding the pose over 20 minutes. During the pose, the cheer from the audience gives me courage. Not only the muscle bulk (mass/size) but definition (condition) and balance (symmetry) are also need to be emphasized.

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