減量中に起こりがちなこっといえば、①体重は減ったけど、肌や髪がボロボロになった ②甘いものが食べたくてストレスがたまる、③空腹が辛くてだるい、ではないでしょうか?この3つの悩みを一気に吹き飛ばしてくれるありがたいアイテムを発見しました!

【pancake that helps you to control weight!】EN follows












What you are facing during weight control might say…①I’m loosing wight but at the same time losing elasticity of the skin, ②I’m getting stress for not having sweets, ③I’m so hungry, don’t feel like doing anything… If you have these problem just try this one, the “protein pancake“!

① comes from not having enough protein. Protein is not just important to build mussules but also to keep your skin moisturized or your heairs smooth or many other body functions. Having a protein pancake meal, you can get 31g of protein, which is around half of the amount that is required to a 50kg wight woman a day!

If you are a pancake lover, problem ② is solved as well. Since this pankace mix contains 1/3 of fat, 1/2 of carbs compared to ordinal ones by having 218kcal(plus an egg around 300kcal), it is just perfect to charge energy in the morning and to keep your stomach full until lunch. So, problem ③ is solved as well!

Another good thing is that it is really easy to make the pancake. You just mix the mix (56g for 3 slices, 1 meal) with 200mL water and one egg and cook!

I maybe put too much water and the dough on picture lookes quite fluid… let’s say I was trying to make a star shape:)

You can eat it with special syrops as well, but I’m usually having it woth frozen blueberries. The hot cake and the cold berries are collaborating well, not too sweet, refreshing taste!

The mix costs 2700yen (w/o tax) for a 560g pack(for around 10 meals). Not that chep but considering you need to pay 1000yen to get a pancake at a cafe, it might be reasonable.

On the web site you can find original recipes as well. I really recommend this one!!

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