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【日本最大級のスポーツ・健康産業総合展示会】EN follows





From 27th to 30th July, Japan’s largest sports and health industry comprehensive exhibition, “SPORTEC” will be held at Tokyo Big Sight.

On 13th May, 2015, the Japanese government has decided to found newly a Sport Minisstry by October. Promoting sport has become a important part of the government’s policy. Preparing for the Tokyo Olympic 2020, fostering athletes, increasing sport population, developing sport companies… it is obvious that the business related to sport will grow quite fast. In addition, since Japan’s society is aging, decreasing caring or medical cost and increasing healthy life-span has become another big issue. That is why the sport and heath industry has attracted attention over the years. Furthermore, as marathon, triathlon, cycling population has increased, fitness has become a kind of entertainment or leisure in Japan as well.

At SPORTEC, sports & fitness facilitations, sport goods, health & rihabilitation equipments, supplements, health food, sport turisim or anything related to sport, health and fitness will be gathered from all over the world. In 2014, 350 companies exhibited and this time there are going to be 450. In 2014, SPORTEC had 34,000 visitors, this time 45,000 are expected. These numbers also show how active this industry is.

SPORTEC is a great place to gather the latest information about sport, health and fitness. We, fitnessinlife.com writes are definitely going to be there and make reports for you. We are already very excited!!

For details please visit the web site of SPORTEC 2015.

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