Besides the misconceptions in the relationship between workout and fat consumption, there might be one in that between sweating and fat consumption.

There’re sometimes people saying that they go to the sauna and are patient in the humidity and heat for quite a long time in order to get rid of their body fat. But sweating in the sauna doesn’t help them in that respect. The watery sweat that flows out of your body when sitting in the sauna is a sign that your body is controlling its temperature. Sweat evaporates on the surface of your skin to reduce the body heat. This sweat is mainly made of water.

You may have seen professional boxers wearing a sauna suit sitting in front of a heater to loose weight – This is not to burn fat. These athletes already don’t have any fat left, so they try to take out water to control the final grams.

Sauna doesn’t help you to burn fat, but it can activate your sweat & sebaceous glands, which can solve skin problems. In the sauna, blood circulation will be promoted, which helps to improve your total body condition including stiff neck or intolerance to cold. Don’t forget to drink enough water when going to the sauna.



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