the Yoga pose “downward-facing dog”

【万能ヨガポーズ:ダウンドッグ】 EN follows


Get down on your hands and knees, then; stretch your arm and knees bringing up your hip up towards the ceilings and look down to your stomach. This is how to get to the Yoga pose called “downward-facing dog” (Sanskrit name “ad mukah Schwan Asana”). The key point is to relax your shoulders, but that’s easy to say… You need to get used to supporting your weight without using the shoulders. You maybe learn this pose as a beginner pose, but I think it is quite difficult to master. This makes me feel the essence of Yoga… You need to precisely control your body, which makes you go deep into your consciousness. Balancing the whole body using the palm of your hand and feet by finding the right angle of the arms and legs, waist and hip, you can keep this pose for hours without any effort. If you can do that, you feel that your fatigue goes away and become clear in your mind, feeling motivated. I was quite convinced when I heard that this pose is one of the essential pose in a sun salutation considering its results. As an exercise, it helps to correct posture and stretch the hamstrings. If you want master any Yoga pose, I recommend you to start with this one.

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