life with rosemary

【生活に、食事に花を添えるローズマリー】EN follows



When you feel like having a green essence in your life, you may think about buying cactuses and succulent plants. But they are actually quite hard to grow. They don’t need much water, but a little. And if you water them, it happens that it is too much that make them go bad… Don’t you have this kind of experience? If you are a beginner for plant growing and if you don’t want to fail, herbs are recommended. Especially with rosemary you can enjoy the refreshing scent, which is said to enhance memory and concentration. It grows green throughout the year and harvesting it makes it even bushier. You can do a lot with the harvested rosemary. It has anti-bacterial effect, so pack it in small bags and put in the closet. Or use it to flavor meat, fish or potatoes potatoes. Rosemary is called “a rejuvenation herb” for its effects such as increasing metabolism by stimulating digestive function or antioxidant properties preventing cells to age. Rosemary can brighten up your life in many ways.

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