Healthy snack idea: Paprika

【おやつ代わりにパプリカを】EN follows


  • ビタミンC:ピーマンも含んでいるが、パプリカはその倍以上含んでいる。特にオレンジ色のパプリカはたった1/6個、赤色は1/3個分で、1日の必要量を摂取することができるほど。風邪の予防や疲労の回復、肌荒れなどに効果的。
  • カロチン:オレンジ色のパプリカにはピーマンの30倍以上含まれている。カロチンは抗発ガン作用や免疫賦活作用で知られているが、その他にも体内でビタミンAに変換され、髪の健康維持や、視力維持、粘膜や皮膚の健康維持、そして、喉や肺など呼吸器系統を守る働きがあると言われている。


Hot pepper, bell pepper, paprika are quite different from their looks and tastes, but they actually don’t have a clear classification and are almost the same vegetables. While bell peppers are harvest immature and have a green bitter taste, paprika are harvest mature and are thicker, juicier and sweeter; you can enjoy them eating raw. Nutrients are also richer in paprika. How about having a paprika when you are hungry to satisfy your stomach with low calories? A paprika has only 30 kcal. Here you find the benefits of paprika:

Vitamin C: Paprika has more than twice than bell pepper does. You only need 1 / 6 pieces of orange paprika, or 1 / 3 piece of red paprika to take the required VC amount of one day. VC is effective to fight against colds, fatigue and skin inflammation etc.

Carotene: Orange paprika contains 30 times more than bell pepper does. Carotene is known in anti cancer effects and activation of immune, but it is said that is also converts to vitamin A inside the body helping to maintain vision, hair, skin and mucous membranes healthy, and to protect throat, lungs and respiratory system.

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