pack salads for the whole week

【毎日新鮮なサラダをいただくための瓶詰め】EN follows




▶︎ 食べる直前にシェイク:食べる直前に材料が混ざり合うように瓶を振って完成となる。振っていない状態なら5日間は保存がきく。

To ensure eating enough salad every day, it is the best to prepare your salad for the whole week. That is why New York style maison jar packed salads have become so popular these days. This is just a general guide with lots of room for creativity.

*Choose jars with wide-mouth lids since these are easier to fill and eat out of. Use this system only if you can keep the jars upright.

1) Start with salad dressing: I personally don’t think it is necessary to have dressing to enjoy the natural last of the veggies. But if you want to have dressing it should come first to keep it separated from your veggies until you eat them.
2) Hearty bits: Start with moist-resistant harder veggies like celery, cucumber and carrots.
3) Lighter bits: Then go the softer ones like tomatoes or avocado.
4) Layer up the greens: Make sure the leafs are dry. Go for packaged greens to make it easier and to save time.
5) Protein last: Sprinkle priories such as sautéed tofu or grilled chicken. These will help push the lighter-weight greens down so you add even more to your jar. You can also add nuts or seeds, and dried fruit.
▶︎ Shake when you’re ready: Just before you want to have the salad, you can shake up the container to mix up the ingredients. If you don’t shale it, the salad can be stocked for around 5 days.

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