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【息を飲むポールダンス】EN follows

私が心奪われたフランス人のトップポールダンサー Karo Swenのビデオをご紹介したい。ポールダンスには様々なイメージがつきまとうが、近年、ポールにおいて身体をコントロールする点から非常に注目を浴びているダンススタイル。


 I want to introduce to you a video of a top French pole dancer Karo Swen. I was inspired me so much when I saw her dance the first time. People may imagine several things when they hear the word “pole dance”, but did you know it is recently featured as a dance style than can control the total body balance.

The dance you see in the video is not just fitness or training, it has reached the state of art… it is breathtaking. You can’t take off your eyes from the dancer’s amazing gravity-defying moves.

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