what is BCAA?

【今更聞けない:BCAAとは?】EN follows

Branched Chain Amino Acidsの頭文字で、分岐鎖アミノ酸、具体的には必須アミノ酸であるバリン、ロイシン、イソロイシンのこと。

皮膚、爪、筋肉、血液など、私たちの身体の約20%を構成するタンパク質は、20種類のアミノ酸がつなぎ合わさってできます。 そのうち、人間の体の中でつくることができず、物から補う必要がある9種類のアミノ酸が「必須アミノ酸」と呼ばれています。

BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids, in particular Valine, Rosin, Isolhoisin, which are essential amino acids.

What are essential amino acids? Skin, nails, muscles, blood… 20% of our body is made of protein. And proteins are chains of 20 kinds of amino acids. 9 out of these 20 amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body and need to be taken from food. These 9 kinds of amino acids are the essential amino acids.

What is the relation to training?  35% of the essential amino acids that make our muscle protein are BCAA. And BCAA is the only amino acid that can be fuel of energy. If the blood-BCAA level is not high enough, body starts to use the BCAA stored in the muscles, which means, muscles start to degrade. This conditions leads to muscle damage and muscle weakness. To be efficient at the training, BCAA needs to be taken in to keep the BCAA-blood level.

How can we take BCAA in? It is recommended to take daily 2000mg of BCAA in. By eating 100g of tuna (4800㎎) or beef (3040㎎), or egg (2610㎎) you can reach this amount. But we also need to care about the balance of the 3 amino acids. They need to be balanced to be absorbed effectively by the body, and Valine 1 : Rosin 2 : Isolhoisin 1 is said to be the best balance. Considering that, chicken (BCAA 4300㎎/100g) is the best one, which has the balance 1 : 1.6 : 1.
If you think you can’t eat enough, you can also utilize supplements.
BCAA is absorbed quickly, so take them 20-30 mins before training.



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